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I have found among them animals of unusual attainments and they should be ranked among the most remarkable denizens of the sea. Had they been able the pass the barrier of the edge of the ocean as the early fish-derived amphibians did there might have been no limit to the amazing forms which would have peopled the earth. - Gilbert Klingel, In Defense of Octopuses

Transgendered castrato. Maker of music and stories. Scientist and artist. Believes in fairies. Made of pixie dust and the phrase 'what if'. Lover of organisms-everyone-forgets-about-or-loathes, and devoted entourage to the sea. Follows the tenets of Rule 34 and is a proud citizen of the Internet. Wants to be as fabulous and brave as Lord Akeldama when he grows up.

Internet contact info is here (f-locked).


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N.B.: My love of cephalopods, and other creatures with tentacles or muscular hydrostat limbs, came before knowing anything about H.P. Lovecraft. I just like the ocean. A lot.

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4chan, 80s fantasy, a little princess, aberforth dumbledore, albus dumbledore, alice in wonderland, alice kingsleigh, alternate universes, animation, antonin dolohov, architecture, baking, bats, beauty and the beast, being a eunuchorn, bill weasley, brett helquist, brian froud, britain, bronies, castrati, cephalopods, childrens literature, creative writing, danĂº, david attenborough, david bowie, deep sea, disney, disney pins, disneyland, dobby, dr bronner soap, dr cook's bitless bridle, eunuchs, fairy tales, fanfiction, fantasy, farscape, filius flitwick, fleur delacour, folklore, fred moore, french, friendship is magic, gail carriger, genderqueer, genre? what genre?, glam, gothic lolita, griphook, hans zimmer, harry potter, hermaphroditos, hestia & flora carrow, history, horace slughorn, horses, into the woods, invader zim, jareth the goblin king, jim henson, kanaloa, kilts, kingsley shacklebolt, kink, lady gaga, linda woolverton, little shop of horrors, lord akeldama, lucius malfoy, malfoycest, mariana trench, marine life, mark gatiss, middle ages, milt kahl, minerva mcgonagall, muscular hydrostats, mythology, nanowrimo, narcissa malfoy, nature, new romantic, new wave, nightmare before christmas, novel-writing, ogden nash, oscar wilde, p.g. wodehouse, parasol protectorate, percival weasley, peter pan, pickpockets, pomona pomfrey, ponies, portal 2, potions, prime numbers, princess and the frog, quentin blake, rabbits, remus lupin, rent boys, rex stout, roald dahl, roddy lestrange, rubeus hagrid, russell brand, science, septima vector, severus snape, sewing, sherlock holmes, showtunes, singing, size-positive, society for creative anachronism, spellpunk, stephen fry, storytelling, sweet lolita, synaesthesia, tamora pierce, taoism, tarot, the addams family, the decemberists, the dragon knight, the ocean, the twelve dancing princesses, tim gunn, tom riddle, trader joe's, traditional animation, transfiguration, transgenderism, underland, waiting for god, walking with dinosaurs, weird al, who framed roger rabbit, winged horses, xenophilia, zoology

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